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Are you struggling with staff scheduling or timekeeping? Or having problems managing the time clock machine at your workplace?
Time Masters is your one stop for all the workforce management solutions. When companies are juggling multiple schedules like clock in clock out, time and attendance tracking, vacation days, overtime, and entering data it can be overwhelming.

Time Masters’ time clock machine system allows the process to be simplified. Our timeclock biometric and punch clock software will help your company have more control and save time.

Our timekeeper systems are easy to use, convenient, and accurate. We offer client server (installed on your PC or network) or web-based software solutions.


Time Masters delivers the best time clocks and software which is specially designed to cater your timekeeping needs. You can easily trust our timekeeper software to run your workplace smoothly.

It helps you manage employee time and attendance tracking in a much easier way as compared to the traditional ways. You can track labor costs more accurately which reduces human error and saves a lot of your time that can be utilized for the growth of your business.

Our timekeeping and other clock in clock out softwares have plenty of options

Our clock in clock out and other timekeeping softwares have plenty of options for your business. We have both web-based and PC-based packages to add to the variety.

Our workforce management apps work on both iOS and Android phones so that the employees can utilize it according to their preference, let alone our punch clock or timeclock biometric systems.
Through our staff scheduling apps and software, we make it easier for the administrators to manage time and attendance tracking on the go.
Another amazing feature is that our time and attendance tracking software in Canada are extremely easy to use. They can be integrated with various different payroll systems. We also keep up with the industry and keep on releasing new and more efficient products and features.

Industry Solutions

Our special labor management and staff scheduling systems are designed in a way that caters to your specific requirements. We are adept at providing our clients with solutions to their problems.

We are experts at also providing industry specific hardware solutions to our clients. You can explore our wide range of specific industry related solutions to get a best match for your workplace.

TimeMasters software solutions would help in lowering the administration related costs so that you can focus more on the resources to serve the patients.
    • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • Medical Office
    • Hospitals
    • Dental Offices
Manage employee related intricacies with ease and efficiency.
    • Staffing Agency
    • Accounting
TimeMasters Time and Attendance will simplify your management process. Now you can allow your employees to interchange shifts at a moment’s notice
    • Restaurants
    • Convenience Stores
    • Hotel
With our efficient mobile apps, you can trace and monitor employees from remote locations. Our apps have special geo-fencing and GPS tracking features that allow authentic management.
    • Transportation
    • Construction
TimeMasters will help your agricultural company grow in efficiency, maximizing administrator’s time and allowing product to thrive.


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